Customize a DIY Dollhouse - Part Five; The Little Things

By Anne - July 23, 2021

Customize a DIY Dollhouse - Part Five; The Little Things. I've been struggling with this video because most of it is me repainting things and following the kit directions. So in the end, I decided to do something completely different...

 The video is the usual format of watching me make stuff, the audio is where things go off the rails. I decided that instead of narrating what's already in the kit instructions, I'm going to tell you a little bit about what's been happening in my life lately. The story is relevant, because it's the inspiration for this project, and because I make things to help me process the stuff in my life that I'm working through.

 If you're just here to watch me make things then feel free to mute the video, but if you want to learn a little bit more about me, then go grab your favorite sedative, settle in, and watch me make stuff

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