Diamond Painting 101 - Unboxing

By Anne - June 19, 2018

You've got China Mail!

...since I ordered this diamond painting

Let me apologize in advance for saying "Um" a lot in this video. I had extensive dental work done yesterday, and the painkillers are making my brain a little fuzzy!

Wonder Woman Diamond Painting

I actually put up a post in one of my diamond painting Facebook groups, asking people to comfort me with their horror stories of how long Chicago customs takes.  Still, even after hearing people say it had taken more than two months, after five weeks with no movement from my package, I had pretty much given up all hope of getting it, which made me sad.

Imagine how happy I was when my phone dinged with the delivery notification!

It just goes to show that patience is a virtue with this craft, and the slow boat from China (through Chicago) is a very real thing.

All drills were present and accounted for in this kit. One bag did have a small tear in it, which is why I'm picking up stray drills from all over as I'm unboxing the kit, but the seller sent extra packs of drills in a lot of colors, so I don't think I'll be short.

Hope you enjoyed!

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