April 19 - May 1, 2017

By Anne - May 01, 2017

Same story, different week, so lets just jump right in, shall we?



I did get to do some other fun things the last couple of weeks...

I got a little burnt out on challenges last month. They were fun, but I felt like I was constantly behind, and struggling with creative block. Things are also starting to get busy at the salon again, it's pedicure season, and those two things combined, didn't leave much time for anything else. 

So I decided to take a challenge break during May. It's my birthday month, so I'm just going to letter for me. I'll still work on it every day, but I won't be killing myself trying to hit a creative deadline.

I'll probably put together another challenge for June, unless things are completely nutso at the salon (there's some big news coming from there soon too). For now though, I'm taking a breather.

See you in a week or two!

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