March 6 - March 12, 2017

By Anne - March 12, 2017

It's been a busy week. I've been working, cleaning up after the puppy, and lettering during any free moment I can get.

I've been trying to keep up with my challenges this week, so that I wouldn't have to do them all on my day off, and I've even managed to work ahead a little, getting the next day's challenges done the night before. I also finished my drill exercises, and will be starting the miniscules (lower case letters) this week.

So all in all, It's been a pretty productive week for me.

Vienna - #letteringwithsuzy
Now that I'm more comfortable with forming and connecting my letters, I've been trying to push my comfort zone a little more with doodles and other additions to my words. Some have been successful, others not so much. 

I don't really doodle much, so I mostly google other doodles or pictures and try to emulate it. Not a copy, but a derivative work. 

I've also played with adding highlights and shadows. Again, sometimes successfully, other times not so much.

Flowing - #marchintolettering
My entry for Flowing was featured by the challenge hosts in their Inspirational Feature, so I was pretty stoked when I woke up and saw all of the notifications on my phone. It was an honor, and pretty shocking considering how much of a noob I am.

Since I still don't know all of my letters, or how to connect them, I've gotten in the habit of diagramming my words, and practicing them a few times before I write them in my challenge book. The diagrams look strange, but when you break the letters down into their basic shapes it really helps, especially when it comes time to connect them all together.

I took a pic and put it up on Instagram, asking if I'm the only one who does this, and of course, I'm not. If you're a noob too, give it a try. It helps!

Bombon - #letteringwithsuzy
Have I mentioned how nice the other people doing these challenges are? It feels so intimidating when you look at the other entries, there are some really talented people in the lettering community on Instagram, and it can be a little terrifying to dip your toes in the water and put your work out there. So far though, everyone I've interacted with has been so gracious and kind. I think that behind the amazing artwork they're creating, they're a lot like me. They see the mistakes, not the whole picture, and are insecure sometimes too.

When I uploaded my entry for Bombon, I mentioned that I thought my coffee bombon drink was pretty sad, so I had made a chocolate bombon to balance it out. A sweet and lovely person commented that she thought it looked awesome, and I love her for it. Because even if I don't see it, it's the sentiment that makes me want to keep trying to get it right.

Gratitude - #marchintolettering
Cortado - #letteringwithsuzy
Happy Women's Day - #marchintolettering
I really liked how my Women's Day entry turned out. I did have a moment of panic when I was uploading it, when I thought I had added an apostrophe that wasn't supposed to be there. I had my daughter google it for me though, and it turned out I was fine.

I do that a lot when I'm lettering, misspell words or add lines and things that aren't supposed to be there. It turns out I'm not the only one who does that either though, so don't feel bad if you do it too.

Frappe - #letteringwithsuzy
Infinity - #marchintolettering
I did this one at work in between manicure appointments. I didn't have my challenge book with me, but I mentioned that I keep a scrap pack of paper at work, so I used a die cut bookmark that was in my pack. I also grabbed a nail polish bottle to trace around to make my curves for the infinity symbol.

After I snapped the pic for Instagram, I asked who in the salon was a reader, and ended up giving it to one of my nail techs. I don't read as much as I used to anymore, and when I do it's always on my Kindle, so if someone else will actually use what I made, there's no good reason for me to keep it.

French Roast - #letteringwithsuzy
Jubilant - #marchintolettering
I tried switching my pen colors for each letter on this one. It's not as I envisioned it, but I don't hate it either, so that's something.

Palazzo - #letteringwithsuzy
Kingdom - #marchintolettering
So here's my next shocker... Kingdom was yesterday's word for #marchintolettering, and to my surprise, I woke up today to my phone blowing up with notifications again. I got another feature!

I'm so blown away by it, and so honored that people see value in my submissions, and in the progress I've made on this journey. There are so many lovely, inspiring women doing this alongside me, that I'm humbled in their presence. It makes me so happy that I made a commitment to this, and that I'm sticking with it.

Americano - #letteringwithsuzy
For today's coffee submission, I tried a little of everything, and I'm just not happy with what I ended up with. I added highlights and shading, and to me it looks jumbled. John even said he felt like he needed 3D glasses to look at it. :)

It is what it is though (my new mantra), so I uploaded it.

Lettering - #marchintolettering
Lastly we have today's entry for #marchintolettering. I'm ashamed to admit it took me nearly ten tries to get a version of this word that I didn't despise. Part of my issue was that I was using my large Koi watercolor markers. I'm not used to the bigger brush size. 

I'll keep working at it though, eventually it will come.

In the effort of transparency (mostly for myself) here are more of my practice sheets. I got this pad at Target when I got my challenge book. The paper is nice and smooth, so it doesn't fray my brush pens, and the pad was just $3.

Finally, the last of my drills, a whole weeks worth in one stitched together photo. Next I start on letters, and then I might start over, maybe with the big markers. We'll see how I feel about it in two months time.

See you soon! 

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