March 3 - March 5, 2017

By Anne - March 06, 2017

I have a lot to catch up on with this post, because while I haven't been posting, I was lettering like mad over the weekend.

I told you last time that I joined two Instagram lettering challenges, which was pretty dumb on my part because I'm already behind on my entire life, so adding new tasks to the mix is always a poor decision on my part. So of course I allowed myself to get several days behind, and was rushing to catch up over the weekend.

The first two I did on March 4th for the #letteringwithsuzy challenge.


I wasn't happy with either of them, though John liked my Espresso bookmark.

double Meh

I was struggling with letter shapes and forms, consistency, angle, spacing, or in other words, just about everything. I uploaded them anyway, because at least I was showing up to the game, even if I was in last place. We all have to start somewhere...

Friday night John and I went shopping at Target, because in the last few months all of my clothing has expanded and hangs like a tent on me. I always check out the dollar section at Target, and I found this little gem in one of the $3 bins. The paper has a nice smooth texture, and so far it hasn't frayed my brush pens, and it's the perfect size for my challenge words.

I don't know about you, but staring at a full sized piece of paper intimidates me. How big should I make my letters? Where should I put my word? There are just too many factors that freak me out. I was using scraps of cardstock from my stamping days, but their irregular shapes pose a different problem, and the texture isn't always nice to my markers. So this notebook eases some of the anxiety I get when I'm staring at a blank page. It also allows me to keep everything together, so I can easily see the progress I'm making (some of which you're going to see farther down the page).

Forgive the puppy drool
Next I needed to start catching up on the #marchintolettering challenge. 

It was about this time that I started to realize the scope of my disadvantage in the challenges. Because I don't know how to actually form any of these letters properly, since I'm still working on my drills and haven't progressed to actual letters. So I had been looking up ways to write the words, and trying to figure out how to form the letters and fit them together.

When I finally got a word drawn that I liked, I made sure to snap a picture before I embellished it at all, because if I ruined it with my doodles, It would be really difficult to write it again.

Final entry - Not horrible
I was going to letter some more Saturday night, but then this happened.

Sunday morning the #ShowMeYourLetters uppercase book came out and went on sale for 24 hours. I purchased both that book, and the one for lowercase letters (which is the one I need next). Now I still have a week of drills to do, but I was able to use the book as a reference for how the letters should be constructed.

 After I bought the books, things started to get much, much better.

Well, not here, my second oval got away from me.

That got me caught up with the #marchintolettering challenge. Now I just have to stay caught up.

I still had two more entries for the coffee themed #letteringwithsuzy challenge, and then I was golden. My next word for that challenge was Affogato, which I had to look up because I didn't know what it was.


When I mentioned to John that I had looked it up, he was insistent that we needed to run to our local coffee shop Divino's so that I could try one.

Totally worth the trip.

That's me, officially caught up with my challenges. Now the trick is going to be to stay that way.

More drills

I've already gotten a head start on next week, but I'm going to save that for the next post. 

See you soon!

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