March 13 - March 18, 2017

By Anne - March 19, 2017

It's been another busy week, but I've managed to stay caught up with my lettering challenges, and I've even gotten a couple of creative things done as well.

Sumatra - #letteringwithsuzy
Meritorius - #marchintolettering
Metallic Watercolor Background
I was able to go shopping a couple of times, and found some new crafty supplies to add to my lettering toolbox. I got some cheap watercolors, along with some metallic watercolors for making backgrounds with. I also purchased a pointed pen and ink, and some mid-sized brush markers to letter with.

Nurture - #marchintolettering
Mochaccino - #letteringwithsuzy
Hazelnut - #letteringwithsuzy
 A lot of my entries this week were plain, as I was either working on something else, or I was using the challenges to try out some of my new supplies. I did have a couple that I embellished that I was pretty proud of though.

Overcome - #marchintolettering
Persistence - #marchintolettering
On one of my shopping expeditions, I was excited to find Kuretake pens at Hobby Lobby, so I picked up a fine and medium point to try out. Each pen/marker seems to have it's own personality. The tips have different levels of firmness, the ink flows at different rates, so you have to use it a bit to figure out it's quirks. I really like the Kuretake pens, and I used the medium one to letter persistence above, but as you can see I need to practice with them more.

Cafe au lait - #letteringwithsuzy
At hobby Lobby I also found small sets of Color In markers by Marvy/Uchida. I wasn't sure if I would be able to brush letter with them, but I bought a couple of packs to try them out. They have a medium brush on them, that's flexible enough to get good thick downstrokes, and is sized somewhere between the small Pentel brush pens, and the larger Tombow brush markers.

I tried them out when I made my entry for Cafe au lait above, and they were easier for me to control than the bigger brush markers. I'm not sure how well the tips will rebound with continued use, but I'll let you know as I use them more.

I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar...
I felt like all I had been doing was writing words to keep caught up on my challenges, so I wanted to take some time to do some creative lettering. I picked a quote from Firefly Serenity, and thought I might give the finished piece to my son.  My middle daughter called dibs before I could give it away though, and since I haven't made anything for her yet, and wasn't sure my son would even like it, I let her claim it.

Irish Cream - #letteringwithsuzy
I also purchased some masking fluid after watching a class on My first session with it I went all out and tried to letter my words in the masking fluid. It was fun, but less than impressive lettering was showcased in my attempts. I uploaded them anyway, because I'm getting less intimidated about showing off the things that I'm not all that proud of. In the end, the Irish Cream submission received a lot of positive feedback. Everyone liked how I distressed it with the coffee rings and drips.

I've since made some pretty backgrounds with the masking fluid, and it's super fun to play with, but I'll wait to show you until I've used the backgrounds in a project.

Queen - #marchintolettering
Mazagran - #letteringwithsuzy
Rhythm - #marchintolettering
John got me this cute little keychain notebook that I used for my challenge words in the entries above. Because the pages are so tiny, I scaled down my pen work and used my Tombow Fude pen that I normally only use for my drills and diagrams.

Just like scaling up your words can be difficult, it's also difficult to scale back down once you get used to writing big. It's important to keep shaking it up so you never feel completely uncomfortable moving between sizes.

Anne's Watercolor Jar
Lastly, a couple of fun things. John found glass markers while he was out and about one day, and brought them home for me because he's an enabler. I immediately went around the house claiming glassware as my own. 

We keep a ton of mason jars around the house for food and other storage things. I wanted to make sure no one put food in this one after I used it to clean masking fluid off of my brushes. So I used the glass markers to make it pretty.

Pointed Pen Exercises
I mentioned above that I had purchased a pointed pen earlier this week. Well I had the day off yesterday, so I finally broke the seal on the packaging and tried it out. 


I love it, and I think I'll be using it a lot in the future.

Metallic Watercolors on Black

Watercolor Brush Lettering
I invited a friend over for art therapy last night. He'd had a seriously rough week, and I thought he might need it. So I cleaned off my table and put out a nice selection of my supplies for us to play with.

In about two minutes he had painted this beautiful watercolor landscape that would have made Bob Ross jealous, and after another twenty minutes I managed to crank out the pitiful wreath above... Ugh...

It's ok, he left his landscape here, so I'm totally stealing it to letter something on. I don't even feel bad about it because that's what happens when you leave your shit at my house, Monte!

I'm behind on my lowercase drills. I should be somewhere around 'f,' but I've only completed 'a.'  It's ok, I'm not stressing about it. I've been too busy playing with my stuff. :)

See you soon!

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