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By Anne - February 13, 2017

When I say I love the following word art pieces, don't believe for one second it's because I think they're perfect. They're not. I mostly love them because I stepped out of my comfort area, and still made something that was mostly successful. I also believe that the imperfections don't detract from the overall esthetics, and in some cases even add to them.

"Perfectly Imperfect" is a phrase I'm trying to embrace. My anxiety often tells me I have to be perfect, all the time, and berates me when I'm not. I can look at each of these pieces and see that while they're not perfect, they still hold a certain amount of beauty or charm, and for possibly the first time in my life, I'm happy with that.

This is my favorite out of them all, and it's also the first one of these I attempted. I had a scrap of odd sized black card stock left over from framing the Winnie the Pooh piece for my daughter, and wanted to play with white on black. I found a quote I liked and just started writing it. I didn't map it out, it just somehow worked on its own. 

Once I had finished the writing, there was so much blank space that I tried doodling flowers to fill it in. I was worried I was going to mess up some lettering that I really liked, but it was missing something so I dove in anyway.

The end result made me so happy, that I sometimes pull it out and look at it when I feel like I'm not really making any progress, and maybe I should just give up. I'd frame it, but it's such a weird dimension I'm not sure it would look right.

I made this one for my daughter after Elizabeth Warren was kicked off the Senate floor. Politics aside, it's a great quote for empowering young women. I want my daughters to persist when they're passionate about a cause, no matter who it might make uncomfortable.

The lettering on this isn't great, but I still like it. I'm not exactly sure why...

The last word on this one got away from me. I didn't sketch it out in pencil beforehand, and thought I'd be able to eyeball it to make it fit in the space I had. I was wrong. From the start of the word my letters were too fat to fit, and it's pretty seriously off center because of it.

I still like it it though. I like the camper I doodled, even though the hitch is too long, and the door frame is too fat. I also like the balance of the mixed font, even though it's lopsided.

These next two I made at the salon while waiting for clients to arrive. I left some scrap paper there, and have been bringing my pen case in each day so that I can practice in the spare minutes I get between appointments. It also helps to re-center me when I have a particularly difficult, emotional, or stressful service.

I like everything about this one except the transition from thick to thin at the bottom of the Y, and the B is also a little wonky. Otherwise the font balance and the tilted letters in "tiful" are really pleasing to me.

I'm pretty proud of the script letters on this one, despite the fact that they got a little squished at the end. I tend to start a word being very mindful of the strokes and shapes, drawing the word not writing it. Then, as I get to the end, 35+ years of muscle memory takes over and I write instead of draw. I'm working on it. 

I think, in part, that's why lettering soothes my anxiety though. I have to be mindful of what I'm doing to break out of my normal writing. Concentration is the key to breaking out of the destructive, cyclical, anxious thinking that bruises your soul. Also, just about everyone knows how to write, so you don't have to learn a new skill set for this. You just have to slow it down and concentrate, and if it's not perfect, it's OK. It's "Perfectly Imperfect."

So that has me caught up with what I've done up until now. From here on out I'm going to make an effort to post what I've done each day, but sometimes life gets out of hand so...

I promise to at least try.

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