Valentine's Day Words

By Anne - February 14, 2017

I'm setting this to delay posting, because so far John's the only one who's looked at this blog, and with my luck he'll see this before I give it to him.

V-day is not just a holiday for us, it's also our wedding anniversary. I like to do off the wall stuff for John that either can't be replicated, or no one else would think to do. This year I made him a zombie mug using some Commercial use graphics, my own mad photoshop skills, and Vistaprint on demand printing:

But since I've been doing the hand lettering, he's been stashing some of my scraps and "failures," so I wanted to make something that was made specifically for him. Start to finish, with only him in mind...

I was using Artists Loft watercolor markers to do the watercolor backgrounds, which are absolutely fine, but I had my eye on a set of Koi markers because I like nice things. John just so happened to get them for me last week, so I used 3 different colors of purple to draw the heart, then a Sakura waterbrush (I like this brand because it has a valve to reduce leaking) to blend it all together.

I then took the waterbrush and flicked it, to give a spotty effect for the background, then rinsed it out and flicked plain water at the heart to make the colors bleed even more.

After my background was dry, I took a scrap piece of vellum and outlined the heart so I could plan out my quote.  I couldn't sketch it directly on the background because it was too dark for my pencil lines to show up. I'll save the vellum heart and reuse it for something later, I'm sure.

Speaking of pencils, I've graduated from the Bic pencil I was using before. It's fine in a pinch, but the small barrel makes my hand cramp quickly. A Sakura (are you noticing a trend here?) Sumo Grip pencil was recommended to me. John saw it on my wish list and purchased it for me along with the watercolor markers. It's fantastic, and I can use it a lot longer than the Bic with no hand fatigue. It also has a replaceable eraser, which is a real bonus.

Here's the end result. I used a Uniball Signo Broad white pen to ink the letters. I like the Uniball white, it's a little more opaque than the Sakura gel white, but the tip does tend to clog up a bit as you're using it.

I'm going to frame it before I give it to him. I think he'll like it. I hope he does. He won't ever find another one exactly like it.

Happy Valentine's day!

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