February 20, 2017

By Anne - February 21, 2017

Of course I did my drills for the day. I make myself do them before I work on anything else.

Since it's the second week, I decided to switch colors and pen types. I used the
Pentel Sign Brush Pens I told you about yesterday, and chose the light blue for today's drills.

These drills felt like they were a little smoother. I haven't compared them do last week's Monday drill yet, so I don't know if they look any better, but I feel like I might be improving.

Warning, naughty words ahead...

For my fun practice, I decided to do something on one of my watercolor backgrounds. A few weeks ago I was on vacation, and my friend and co-worker Neeley stopped over on her way home to decompress a bit. She'd had a rough day, and was talking out her anger to a sympathetic ear, so I gave her my watercolor markers and some paper to play with while she blew off some steam (aka cussed a lot).

She ended up writing an epitaph to horrible people, and drawing a fire that looked (not surprisingly) like someone giving the middle finger.

After she left, I used my water brush to blend out the paper and turn it into a background print. Then, after it had dried, I cut it in half (into two 5x7 backgrounds) and gave her one piece and kept the other for myself.

So last night I went looking for something to write on it that suited the background, and the original feeling that led to its creation.

I warned you
I actually drew up several layouts on graph paper before I settled on one to sketch onto the background. In the above photo you can see how I mapped it out, to match my original sketch. I could see from the layout that I wanted to add more weight to some of the words, so I made 'ashes' and 'fire' into block serif letters after I took the above photo.

I ended up filling in my block letters with one of my glitter markers after I had inked the design. Which ended up causing a whole host of problems when they started bleeding all over the damn place. I managed to fix most of it by scraping off sections with an Exacto knife, and coloring the scraped sections back in with an orange Souffle Gel Pen, but the last S in 'ashes' is still a little blurry.

My oldest daughter hinted that she wanted it, so after everything dried I threw it in a dollar store frame for her. It's not perfect by any means, but I still like it. It's a good reminder that beauty and strength can come from the dark places in our lives. 

See you tomorrow,

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