February 17-19, 2017

By Anne - February 20, 2017

The last few days have been super busy, but I did manage to practice my letters, even if I didn't get a chance to post them.

On Saturday we went to a Murder Mystery dinner at a local bed and breakfast. It was a Hollywood Homicide, and they encouraged everyone to dress up in vintage Hollywood roles. I got this pretty dress off of Amazon, and I cannot tell you how much I love it!

It's poofy and it made me feel pretty, which is no easy feat.

The shocker of the night was that I actually solved the mystery and won the game. I had just said to our table that I really stink at those types of puzzles, and then they announced that I had the only perfect score in the room. I'm chalking my win up to the copious amounts of alcohol everyone was enjoying. Otherwise I doubt I would have stood a chance.

Saturday I didn't get any lettering in, mostly because I wasn't home long enough to sit and work on it, and we were booked solid at the salon that day. I did my drills on Friday (the ovals), and did Saturday and Sunday's drills on Sunday. The ovals killed me, I only practiced tracing them because I was struggling so much. The ascenders and descenders weren't as bad, but the lines where I wasn't tracing they went a little wonky. It's ok, I still have three more weeks of practice to work on them.

Sunday night I played with doodling. I found some things I thought I might be able to draw, and tried them out. Then, I lettered around the doodle.

Some were less successful than others.

I'd also been looking at the page of A's I started last week, and while I wasn't feeling creative enough to come up with more ways to write an A, I took out my Pentel Sign Brush Pens, and tried rewriting some of the letters with one of those to see how I could vary the line weights on the down strokes.

Again, some were less successful than others. Overall though, the drills are helping me to feel like I'm gaining more control over a brush pen. I haven't tried it yet with the brush markers, but it's on my list of things to do soon.

Hope you had a great weekend, I'll see you soon!

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