February 14, 2017

By Anne - February 14, 2017

I didn't do much lettering today, since it's Valentine's day, and my anniversary, and I'm still sick. I did run the next set of #ShowMeYourDrills though, and I'm much happier with today's results. 

For the first day I was using Rodhia dot paper, and I was having a really hard time seeing through it to the practice sheet. So I ran out to Office Depot and grabbed a pad of tracing paper, and I think that helped a lot.  

Using the tracing paper, I did Mondays drills again, and then did Tuesday's drills, and then did two extra rows of Monday's swooshes, because I'm struggling with them the most.

These drills were done with a Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen. The middle row of swooshes is the first set I did, and the top row is the last.

I also found these cute little notebooks at Target while I was out today. The paper is super thin, but they were cute and only $3 for a pack of 16, so I picked them up.  

I ended up practicing the same phrase with one of my Pentel Sign Brush Pens on every page of one (these two fell out), then I gave it to John when I was finished. 

A silly little thing, but he gives me twist tie hearts and I keep them, so that's just how we are.

So that's it for today, hope you had a happy Valentine's day!

 See you tomorrow,

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