February 13, 2017

By Anne - February 13, 2017

My friend Nicky sent me a link to a lettering workshop she had tried called #ShowMeYourDrills, and I decided to give it a try too. So far calligraphy has not been my friend, and well...

Yea, that still stands.

I ran the first day of drills, and I'm already pretty frustrated. I tried switching brush markers, changing the position of my paper, changing the position of my hand and wrist, but I still can't get those little swooshes to swoosh properly.

Maybe it will eventually come to me, but I'm not terribly hopeful at the moment.

Also, I did finally find a spot in my house that has enough natural lighting to take a good picture, but it's February in Wisconsin, so that still leaves me a pretty small photography window. Please just forgive any sketchy photography from now until Spring or I find my lightbox, whichever comes first.

The lightbox is somewhere in my basement, which is scary and the place where the spiders and centipedes live, creatures that may or may not contribute to my procrastination.

I'll let you decide


I am not happy with anything I've lettered tonight, so this is a fail post. I'm also sick and pretty crabby, so there. 

I did make something earlier today, but that deserves it's own post, so you'll see it tomorrow.

Until then,

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