By Anne - February 13, 2017

I have a post coming up of word art I've done, that while not perfect, I really love. I was going to add these lettering attempts into that post to save space and time, but I decided I didn't want to diminish those pieces I love with these ones that I really, really don't.

I briefly debated not posting them at all, but at the start I said I was going to post everything, good and bad. So, here's the bad...

I've been sort of taking part in a daily word challenge from Llamas Love Lettering. Sort of, in the sense that I'm not completely dedicated to it, but if I can't find anything else I want to letter for the day, I'll check the prompt. Infatuated was the word for February 7th.

I don't mind the lettering on this one, though you can see my letters got wider at the end of the word so it's not perfect. What I really hate, however, is the doodle I tried to add.

I made a bunch of blotchy watercolor backgrounds to letter on, and this is the first one I tried adding word art to. I mapped everything out with pencil beforehand, but I didn't account for the weight of some of the letters. So even though it's technically centered, it feels lopsided. I was also having major problems with the gel pens I was trying to use (not even going to link to them, just buy Sakura gel pens, don't even mess with the cheaper brands), and ended up having to re-ink several spots, and add the black outlines to make the letters stand out from the background. Overall it just turned into a mess.

This one is a 50/50 effort. You can see I was having trouble with some of the letters, and while there are some on there I really like, there are others that fall on the opposite end.

Also, my ice cream cone looks like a centipede.

This is another word of the day, for February 9th to be exact. When my first attempt went all uneven, I just played with a couple of different styles. It's a solid "meh" for me.

Of course, these aren't the only fails I've had, they're just the ones that for whatever reason haven't found their way to the garbage can yet. You'll see plenty more in the future... 

I'm trying to be honest here.

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