My Alphabet Book

By Anne - February 12, 2017


Last summer I found this notebook in the dollar bin at Michael's.  I bought it thinking that I would use it for Zen Doodling because the pages are graph paper, and I often need help visualizing the scale of my doodles. As it turns out though, doodling is anything but a zen activity for me. It stresses me out because what I see in my head does not land on the paper. So the notebook went unused. 

When I decided to start lettering, I immediately grabbed this notebook. The graph paper works great as a lined paper substitute, and it has the added benefit of guiding the width of my letters too. Also, the title on the book is a great reminder that I need to keep trying.

Page 1
Page 1

So I grabbed a cheap Bic mechanical pencil (recommended by my sketch artist daughter, because it stays sharp), and wrote out the alphabet in my neatest print, and (below) in my neatest cursive writing.

Page 2 and 3

I had to look up how to make some letters, because over the years my handwriting has morphed into a weird print/cursive combination. 

I also played with thickening up letters, adding serifs, and doodling word art.

Page 4 and 5

On page four I tried playing with how I make some of my cursive letters. Trying to find letter shapes that I liked, and that were comfortable for me to write.

Page 6 and 7

The following pages were experiments with thickening up letters, parts of letters, and adding shaped doodles to letters.

Page 8 and 9

Page eight was a word art exercise, mixing fonts and adding some doodles, then on page nine I was back to practicing my printed alphabet.

Page 10 and 11

On the next page I (unsuccessfully) tried to emulate a calligraphy font. I hated it. So from there I went back to practicing my cursive writing, trying to find a happy medium between something elegant and something my own style.

Page 12 and 13

Pages twelve and thirteen are more of me practicing my style of cursive writing.

Page 14 and 15

From there I started using the book as an index for different types of alphabets, and that's probably what I'll continue to use it for. 

The doodle alphabet (click here for original) on page fifteen is one I drew while I was having a massive panic attack earlier this week. By this point I had been playing with lettering for a week, and realized I'd finally landed on a hobby that calmed me down when I'm having anxiety issues. The lines aren't great, the spacing is terrible, but I was able to breathe at a time when I normally would struggle to do so. I could have torn the page from the book, but I'm keeping it there because it reminds me of another reason why I'm doing this.

Page 16 and 17

After I'd calmed down by writing the first doodle alphabet, I self-soothed a little more with this weighted alphabet (click here for original).

Page 18 and 19

These last two pages are my most recent entries in my alphabet book. You can find the original block alphabet here: Click for Original, but unfortunately I lost the link for the heart doodle alphabet. I'm sure if you search pinterest you will be able to find it. Sorry.

So that's my book so far. I'm sorry that my pictures aren't great. I'll be working on a setup that allows me better lighting for photographs. 

I hope you enjoyed!

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